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Nanosatellite "PolyITAN-2" was developed at the National Technical University Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute" designing a nanosatellite of small size for space research, development of new structural and technical solutions, application of modern hardware components with low energy characteristics, high data characteristics, small Sizes and low cost for a wide range of payloads, a team of scientists, so that Ukraine can enter and remain stable A new participant in the international market of scientific and technological nanosatellites and space modules. In addition, this goal is aimed at solving a number of research, educational, scientific and technological tasks:

  • Designing of modern laboratories for practical training of highly qualified professionals for the rocket and space industry of Ukraine;
  • Carrying out of test flights of devices of thermoregulation, solar batteries and amateur radio communication systems built in KPI them. Igor Sikorsky;
  • Functional testing of receivers of standard signals of the GPS / GLONASS satellite navigation system;
  • The construction of navigation and orientation systems for their further application in space modules;
  • Development of a data exchange network and an on-board computer built on the basis of modern technologies in the field of electronics
  • Participation in the international space program to study the thermosphere layer as the least studied layer of the Earth's atmosphere.
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Parameters of the orbit of nanosatellite PolylTAN-2-SAU

Eccentricity of the orbit 0
Orbit height, km 415
The argument of perigee, ° 0
Angle of inclination of orbit, i° 51,5
Longitude of the ascending node Ω, ° 4,46°
Solar constant S, W / m2 1429
Density of the Earth's radiation flux, W / m2 232


Overall dimensions of nanosatellite PolylTAN-2-SAU

PolyITAN-2-SAU basic parameters




The weight up to 1,9 kg
Average power of the power subsystem W not less than 2,4W
The maximum short-term energy consumption 8,2 Вт (7 min.)
Average daily payload consumption (FIPEX module), W 0,8
Maximum data transfer per day, Mbit. 0,3
Nanosatellite dimensions (in transportation conditions), mm 110х100х227
Dimensions of nanosatellite (operating state), mm 675х375х227
Data transfer rate and satellite signals 145, 96 and 436, 6 MHz (modulation - BPSK):  
- "uplink", kbit / s. 9,6
- "downlink", kbit / s 1,2
Accuracy of orientation:  
- Inclination (pitch) ≈ 2о
- roll ≈ 10о
- course (yaw) ≈ 10о
Solar synchronous orbit 415-90 km
Inclination of the orbit 51,5 0
The carrier rocket ISS

The carrier rocket ISS
Length of mission