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The ground station of the National Technical University HAM radio UT4UZB is equipped with:

  • Windows PC software-satellite Tracker Ham Radio Deluxe. 
  • Transceiver ICOM IC-910H
  • SSB Electronics SP-7000 low noise amplifier
  • Antennas:
    • 144 MHz, 2 x el 2MCP14 Cross Yagi, MSQUARE
    • 430 MHz, M2436 CP30
  • Rotator AlfaSpid RAS AZ-EL,

Hardware and software architecture of the spacecraft PolyITAN -2 ground segment control.

The main elements of the ground segment architecture.

The equipment, materials, software, communications and tracking ground station, Mission control center (MCC).

The name of the



433 Mhz antenna

Wimo Helix 70-2

1 PCs.

145 Mhz antenna


1 PCs.

Antenna 2.4 Ghz

Dish antenna

1 PCs.

Antenna Rotator

AlfaSpid AZ/EL Rotator

1 PCs.

Reducing cable coaxial

Belden RG-8, 10AWG, 50 Ohm

3*30 m.

Signal control cable

low-power-4 x core

30 m.

Ham radio transceiver


1 PCs.

Antenna positioner controller 

AlfaSpid AZ/EL Rotator controller

1 PCs.

Control, communications and tracking ground station software

Ham Radio Deluxe Release

1 PCs.

Transceiver control controller (PC-ICOM)

RigExpert Standard

1 PCs

Cable RigExpert-ICOM


1 PCs.

Software- TNC controller emulation (AX. 25)

Mixw 3.1.1

1 PCs.

Communications and tracking ground station (MCC) computer


Ethernet 100 Mb/s,

1 PCs.

External equipment ground station:

  • antennas
  • transferring 145 MHz-M2 2MCP14 
  • waiting room 435 MHz WiMo Helix70-2 
  • Low noise antenna preamplifier 435 MhzSSB SP-7000
  • Azimuth Rotator 
  • Reducing cable Belden Coax cable

Mission control center (MCC):

  • Rotator controller AlphaSpid Az-EI 
  • Radioamateur TRX transceiver ICOM IC-910H
  • Transceiver controller RIG RIGExpert interface
  • AX25modem
  • type-Kantronix
  • On-MixW


  • Ham Radio Deluxe
  • On management of Rotator
  • AX. 25-MCC Gateway
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • TCP\JP, Internet access

Interaction of monitoring and communication station with MCC

  1. The position of the spacecraft (SC) is calculated in Ham Radio Deluxe program 5.4 (HRD).
  2. Calculation performed previously by using Ham Radio Deluxe program Satellite tracking (HRD-ST) which is included in the delivery Kit software HRD. It is possible to pass parameters to the nearest network connection via DDE external programs. (Name of SC, azimuth, elevation, visibility, time to the beginning of the session)
  3. Command- Executive software (CE) takes command, writes to the database session with the relevant status- a new session number XXXXXX
  4. Session Scripts:
    • The SPACECRAFT is healthy (according to information of the last session and/or operator at the beginning of the session hears CW beacon)
      • Passing a query command readiness SC, setting the status «request» readiness for MCC
      • Receiving confirmation from SC, record the received information in DB session, setting the status «SC Ready"for MCC
    • KA partially functional or his status not known
      • Previously recorded commands in DB on CE.
      • Control CW signal.
      • Repeat from step i in the loop to end of session appearances.
    • Forced off the transmitter SC (on demand)
      • Shutdown commands recorded earlier in DB for CE
      • Lack of Control CW signal

MCC software conducts regular polling CE for reading statuses on CE and accordingly SC, saves these data in its DB and displays on the screen of the operator.

The control center - UT4UZB is at Heat power faculty in the case №5 of  KPI



Контроль полёта спутника с помощью программы HRD Satellite tracking (Ham Radio Deluxe)



Ground station and control center Mission of nanosatellites of KPI