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PolyITAN-1 - the first Ukrainian nanosatellite, created at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute” in cooperation with Ukrainian radio amateurs. The active development of the CubeSat spacecraft began in 2009. On June 19, 2014 at 19:11:11 UTC the launch vehicle "Dnepr" was successfully launched and the satellite Polyitan-1 was put into orbit in the first group of satellites separated from the carrier rocket. PolyITAN-1 will be able to stay at an altitude of 650 ... 710 km for several years.

The satellite is based on the "CubeSat" platform using the Cortex-M3 processor, STM32F105. The design provides mechanical connection of on-board equipment and all elements of the satellite into a single whole, installation of the cable network, fixing them at the time of transportation, putting into orbit and bringing into working order in orbit. The design of the nanosatellite consists of a farm, instrument panels, honeycomb panels, attachment elements to the launch vehicle adapter, fastening and mounting elements. The farm is a single welded structure with dimensions of 116x116x110 mm and consists of a plate of installation, upper fringing, and power cross members. The mounting plate is made in the form of a square milled plate with dimensions 140x140x6 mm. To ensure the necessary thermal regime and radiation protection of equipment placed inside the shell, five solar batteries are attached to the open faces of the farm. Silicon photoconverters with an efficiency of 17.2 ... 17.5% were used in solar cell designs. Photoconverters are manufactured in Igor Sikorsky KPI. Honeycomb frame is a three-layer panel with a lightweight aluminum honeycomb core, two carbon fiber claddings and a bonded dielectric polyimide film (PPM).


Technical specifications

Platform weight, kg


Average daily power of the subsystem of energy saving, W


Maximum short-term consumption of the onboard security set, W

Up to 1,6 Вт (5 min)

Mass of payload, kg


Average daily consumption, which is intended for payload (module GPS / Glonass), W


Maximum short-term consumption, which is necessary for the payload, W

0,9 (5min)

Overall dimensions of the platform in the transport position, mm


Overall dimensions of the platform in working position, mm


Satellite control and data transmission in the 144 MHz and 435 MHz bands, respectively:
- signal transmission rate "up", kbit / s

- speed of signal transmission "down", kbit / s




Orientation accuracy, not lower than the angular degree:

- by pitch

- by roll

- on angling


About 50

About 50

About 50

The frequency of the beacon transmitter

437,95 MHz

Position in orbit

Altitude 690 - 718 km, Sun-synchronous

The carrier rocket

Dnepr-1 (cluster launch)

Time of active existence of the satellite in orbit 

1 year

PolyITAN 1 transporting position

Nanosatellite PolyITAN-1 in transport position

PolyITAN 1 orbit position

Nanosatellite PolyITAN-1, position in orbit